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Tibet Culture Days 2016

8., 9., of October Tibet Culture Days and Foto Mandala photo exhibition from 8-31.october at Birojnica, Cydonia Gastropub and Garage.

Information on event: www.tibetasdienas.lv

Tibetas kultūras dienas

Photo Mandala at Kalnciema Quarter Gallery

Photographic Mandala from Dharamsala - the centre of the Tibetan exile world in India. 

Insight from life in monasteries photographed by buddhist monks.

from 23rd of August-11th of September, Riga, Latvia, Kalnciema street 35 



Photo Haiku video

Video from "Haiku evening" during exhibit "Photo haiku". Dance performance by Simona Orinska www.i-deja.lv, musical performance by Agneta Krilova, haiku poetry by Jānis Petersons http://indans.blogs.lv, video by Jānis Laizāns www.laizans.tv


Linda Kletniece's debut in photography took place in August 2008 in St. Peter's Church in Riga during the exhibition of 10 Latvian photographers “100”. There she convincingly participated together with most outstanding Latvian masters of photography  – Gunars Binde, Leonid Tugalev, Vilhelm Mikhailovsky, Ulvis Alberts and others. This success enabled the artist to overcome the gravity of amateurism and to rise in a new orbit of artistry. It could have been perceived as a huge confidence in advance that Linda Kletniece is trying to justify in her first solo exhibition.

In the exhibition she continues to develop the already created aesthetic positions in the spirit of minimalistic and abstracted generalization. Realistic concreteness gains exquisite, concise and  compositionally subtle expression that never immerses into literar loquacity. The photo language  in her works is really close to poetic language. The mediative message of texture, shape and colour  indicates the presence of sensual spirituality, which is closely associated with Japanese haiku culture.

Linda Kletniece's works express refined artistic taste based on talent. She gained her art education in Cesis Art School, Valmiera School of Applied Arts and in Santa Monica College in California, (USA), where she studied figurative painting. Linda has also gained higher education in business management and administration and successfully applies her knowledge  in advertising business.

Wish to perform in art photography comes from her family, because Linda's great-grandfather Roberts Gerins owned a photo salon in Gostini. Charm of photography archive and the fascinating aura of the profession evoke Linda's interest about photography that gradually developed into a creative passion.

”PhotoHaiku” is like a visit to a stone garden in a Buddhist monastery, where everyone can indulge  in the spirit of meditation in zen traditions. In a slow meditation, in the sounds of wind  rustling and grasshopper chirping.....

The exhibition is on view from September 17 to October 1, exhibition hall “D-Fab”, Riga,
Str. Slokas 52d, every day 12:00 -  20:00.

Janis Borgs
Art critic